Does your life need a remodel?



I help women physicians design and build the life they envision.

  • Stuck?

  • Lost?

  • Depleted?


Decide how you want to spend your time and energy.

Restore from feeling depleted, over-whelmed and burned-out.

Rediscover meaning and purpose in your professional life.

Growing Towards a Vision Aligned with Your Purpose


Claiming your best self

It's time for you to live a life of purpose aligned with your core values. I will help you understand your values and strengths and use these to design your ideal life. Understanding and growing towards your ideal self will help you sustain greater life satisfaction.


The working mom puzzle

Being a working mom is a constant challenge of juggling an infinite number of puzzle pieces. The problem is, the pieces are constantly changing and don't always fit perfectly together. I can help you find better synergy in all of the pieces of your life.


Self-preservation through self-care

Are you a physician feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in your work? Do you question your career and its impact on your well-being? I will support you towards a path of career satisfaction and well-being whether this is in medicine or a completely new life pursuit.



Certified Life Coach

Like many of you, I jumped into a career in medicine excited and hopeful about the impact that I could have. I truly believed that every stakeholder in medicine shared the same vision of bringing healing into the world. 


I started my career as a child and adolescent psychiatrist helping children and their families navigate the complexities of living with mental illness.


I quickly learned that competing agendas, unrealistic work demands, loss of autonomy, and my own inner critic threatened my personal and professional identity.


After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis early in my career. I realized that my path wasn't sustainable.

Partnering with a coach helped me carve a new route forward.

One truth has persisted throughout my journey. I have a passion for understanding people's stories and joining with them as they discover what is hiding just beneath the surface.

As your coach, with a creative spirit I will help you uncover your potential and discover your purpose in life. I coach to join with other women as they work towards gaining greater clarity in their lives.

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“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.”

Proverbs 20:5



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