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I'm Tracy (or Dr. Asamoah to some). I'm so excited that you're here! Thanks for taking a little time to learn about me. If you're the curious type like me, you want to know something about the person who wants to help you transform your life.

It Started in 9th Grade

If you had asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up when I was in 7th grade, I would have confidently stated, "a doctor." I was mostly right. What I didn't realize was that what I really wanted to do was to help people transform their lives. To my seventh-grade self, this pretty much meant becoming a doctor. So my path to medical school, psychiatry residency and career as a child and adolescent psychiatrist began.

In 9th grade, I got curious about transformation. I decided to target my dear friend with my emerging interest. I spent days crafting a questionnaire probing her deepest thoughts and desires. My tiny handwriting blanketed 4 pages as I covered every aspect of her life that I could imagine. I gave her my questionnaire and promised that if she completed it, I could help her conquer the suckiness of 9th grade (and some pretty challenging life issues she was dealing with).

See, transformation.

As you might have guessed, I didn't have the tools to provide any real transformation. I learned a lot about a friend, offered a few words of support, but mountains weren't moved. Fortunately, our friendship survived this minor hiccup.

Choosing the path to a career in medicine, my life as a coach went into hibernation. A few years after residency, I found myself facing some pretty big challenges in a toxic work environment. Facing uncertainty about my future with this organization as well as with my future in medicine, I left that job and began my search for a career path that aligned with my values and allowed me to find joy and meaning in my work. 

A few twists and turn later, here I am, caring for patients in my part-time private psychiatry practice and partnering with women, like you, who realize that there's got to be a better way.

As a certified leadership coach, I help women physicians who are feeling stuck navigate difficult situations and conversations to name, ask for and claim what they need.

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